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Welcome to Nexus Aeternia!

Who are we?

We're a group of old-school T1 roleplayers from realms including Ayenee, Eden, Sol Sanctuim, Aoyn and Tenaria seeking to build out a new community on Discord. Get Discord

Join us at Nexus Aeternia (T1)

Already a member of the server? You can help by adding pages about your characters, lore, and other important aspects of RP. Legacy plot lines and combat logs are welcome!

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11/2/18 - We're in the process of converting the NA Wiki into an RP Archive. We set out to preserve those memories and we'll stick by it.

9/20/18 - Character, Combat, Item, and Location Templates have been added for those who want to make pages on the wiki. DM @Xearon in the discord if you need assistance with the templates.

9/5/18 - Welcome to the wiki! We are hard at work cataloging information about our community. Please feel free to submit a guide, upload your character, or browse through our pages. More updates will be coming soon.


A resource for server lore, character sheets, and combat logs.


Please feel free to utilize these template choices when uploading to the Wiki

Newest Pages

  1. Kaizuken v. Andromeda o Stavros, August 2018
  2. Law v. Munashii Kyori, July 2018
  3. Ethereal Swordsman
  4. Azmodeus and Sépulture Deathscorn
  5. Crystal Saberwing v. Law, July 2018